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How Can I Know if I’m Saved?

At a recent student ministry panel hosted by my local Baptist association, a student anonymously sent in the following question: “Do I have to have a big salvation experience to be saved?”

In Spirit and In Truth

Worship is not about the external, but the internal. It’s not about what we do with our hands, but what we do with our hearts.

Hosea and the Gospel

It would have been right for Hosea to leave Gomer to her fate. But Hosea’s selfless and unconditional love for Gomer foreshadowed the much greater love of Christ.

Who Is My Neighbor?

Where the lawyer wanted a narrower definition of “neighbor,” Jesus created a much broader one. Who should receive your love, grace, forgiveness, or mercy? The short answer? Everyone.

Will God Give Me More Than I Can Handle?

The bottom line is this: In this life, at some point, you will absolutely be faced with more than you are capable of handling, and no earthly power will be enough to help you.

Why (And How) Do I Practice Spiritual Disciplines?

When most of us think of the word ‘discipline,’ nothing good comes to mind. Spiritual disciplines are different.

How Should Christians Respond To Tragedy?

This week, America will mark the 18th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. How should Christians respond in the wake of tragedies like these?

Does the Bible Forbid Interracial Marriage?

I hear this question (or statement) far more often than I would like, so let’s put it to rest. Does the Bible forbid interracial marriage? Do interracial relationships violate Christian values?

How Can I Improve My Bible Study?

“We must learn to put God in His proper place and ourselves in our proper place when studying Scripture. I must read Scripture with the knowledge that God is the Hero of the story and I am not.”

Hope For The Future

One day, all things will be made new. The perfect kingdom will be restored. God will dwell with man again and we won’t need a temple to house His presence.

Why Don’t Christians Follow All Old Testament Laws?

The New Testament shows us that there are certain Old Testament laws that should still be followed and certain ones that should not because Jesus came to fulfill the Law.

A Shoe Salesman’s Influence

You and I may never be Billy Grahams, but may we all be content to be Edward Kimbles.

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